How To Make The Easiest Cowl Ever!

I've been wearing these a lot this summer and they are so super easy to make!  I made my first one while making T-Shirt Yarn and started wearing it right then and there.  These cowls are so easy this is one of those "non-tutorial" tutorials.  They are perfect for warm weather because they are made of cool and comfy jersey of all they are no sew and can be made in seconds!

Let's get begin you'll need a pair of (good fabric cutting) scissors and a t-shirt:

Make sure your shirt has no side seams.  The shirt I used for this tutorial was a men's XL size and gave a circumference of 48 inches and 16 inches width.  Experiment with different sizes of shirts to see what you like best.

Next, lay your shirt out flat,

And cut as shown below, the first cut just below the underarms and the second cut right above the seam:

That's it!  You'll be left with a tube,

Now pull the tube apart and give it a nice firm tug:

Because it is jersey knit material, it will naturally curl up on the sides, which is what we raw edges showing anymore!

Now you can wear your cowl...try printed and striped shirts too for a variety of looks.

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