50 One Skein Projects Perfect for A Fall Weekend!

Welcome to the first weekend of autumn my lovelies!  Now that fall is here, I'm all over it.  Cider?  Check.  Wreath?  Check.  Bulky yarn?  Check.

While many of you stitch all year round, some of you are pulling out the yarn for the first time to kick off the season.  Here are over 50 patterns you make on a lovely fall weekend, perhaps around a bonfire, while sipping hot cider, or perhaps by a window watching those gorgeous leaves swirl by.  Enjoy the season!

Note: Note: Click on the link below each photo to go directly to the free pattern.  All photos and links used with permission.

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  1. Hi. I really like the Newsboy Slouch hat and would like to make it, but when I click on the link I receive an error message.

    1. Hi there! Just checked and I think her server is temporarily down, please check back though because it really is a great pattern!

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