How To Create A Cinch In A Handmade Headband!

When I shared the Annabelle Lace Headband, some of you asked about the stylish "cinch" in the headband, and how exactly I was able to do it. I am happy to say it is a total cinch! (Sorry, could not resist that one!) It literally takes just a minute to do and makes your headband look super cute!  be sure to scroll down to watch the video too.

To make you headband have a cinch, you'll need your headband (actually handmade or storebought is fine), a tapestry needle and a piece of matching yarn.

Begin by threading your tapestry needle and turn the headband inside out.

Next (opposite of the seam if you happen to have one), weave the tapestry needle in and out all the way across. The more you weave in and out with narrower spaces in between, the more neat looking and cinched it will appear.

When you are finished, it will look kind of like this:

Now remove the tapestry needle and tie in a sturdy knot. Weave in all ends and turn right side out.

All finished and super cute!

Click below to watch a video on how to create a cinch too!

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