Interview With Beth Moriarty of Planet Purl and a Fantastic Book Giveaway!

All photos used with permission.

Good morning lovelies!  We have a very special guest on Fiber Flux today, Beth Moriarty!  Beth (also known as the Purl Queen) is the founder and fearless leader behind the Planet Purl site and she has very graciously stopped by to chat with us!  

I am especially excited because she has just released a new book, American Gift Knitting, "20 small projects celebrating America's beauty"  And guess what?  I have a pattern included in the book too!  It's called the "Nevermore Scarf" with a nod to Edgar Allen Poe with a lacy chevron stitch, check it out:
Nevermore Scarf, pattern by Jennifer Dickerson
All photos used with permission.

Beth has kindly agreed to give one copy of American Gift Knitting to one very lucky Fiber Flux reader too...awesome!  But first, let's catch up with Beth and learn more about her and the book.

Welcome to Fiber Flux Beth, we're so glad you stopped by to chat with us!

Tell us about yourself, how did you get started in the wonderful world of yarn?

My family used to have a tradition of handmade gifts but we drifted away from it. In '07 my adult nieces handmade their gifts. I decided for Christmas '08 I'd make mine. I hadn't knit in almost 40 years but decided I'd knit afghans (!) for everyone. I knit a dozen, finishing the last one the day before Christmas. Back when I learned to knit in junior high, it was all scratchy neon acrylic. A lot had changed in the meantime -- the beautiful, soft yarns I sampled for my afghans got me hooked! And it's been an addiction ever since.

Snowflake Reversible Mittens, pattern by Susan Todhunter
All photos used with permission.

For those who may not be familiar with Planet Purl, please tell us about this fantastic site and community founded by you.

Planet Purl started as an international yarn shop directory because I wanted a central place I could find shops for when I traveled. My mother had just recovered from cancer, my father-in-law passed from it, and I had hundreds of thousands of frequent flyer miles but hadn't taken a vacation in years. I had one of those "life is short" revelations and started using up my miles for trips to Italy, Prague, Hungary, France, Germany. I wanted to buy local yarn as a souvenir. So I started Planet Purl. And it grew from there.

American Gift Knitting is a beautiful book that I am so excited to be part of. What was your inspiration for its creation?

Thanks. I'm really proud of this book. It's the second in the "American Knitting" series, the first released last year, "American Sock Knitting." When I travel, I'm always spotting building details, flowers, artwork, carpet patterns, etc. and thinking "that would make a beautiful shawl, sweater, hat, ....." This country has such diverse beauty, it needs to be celebrated. And how better to do it than through handknits?

Mendenhall Draft Stopper, pattern by Beth MoriartyAll photos used with permission.

You have eight of your own designs in the book, can you tell us a little bit about them? Which are your favorites?

I contributed 8 projects to the book and choosing my faves are a bit like having a favorite child! The Mendenhall Draft Stopper is inspired by the colors of the Mendenhall Glacier, part of a favorite Alaska cruise vacation with my husband. I photographed it in front of the very drafty front door of cabin in the Blue Ridge mountains and I'm looking forward to getting it back after trunk shows to put it to use. The second one is the Silver Screen Sachets. These are such a practical and pretty not to mention pretty quick) gift knit using very little yarn. Perfect for mixing and matching stash yarn and easy first lace, beading, and intarsia projects. 

Silver Screen Sachets, pattern by Beth Moriarty
All photos used with permission.
What are you working on at the moment? Any future projects you'd like to share with us?

I've been writing my next book, "Route 66 Knitting." The layout is done, most of the writing finished, and the design work done. All that's left is the knitting (25 of my own projects) and I'll be driving Route 66 and doing the travelogue photos sometime next year. I hope to have it done for a late 2016 release. Right now, I'm finishing up my own holiday gift knitting!

Thanks so much for stopping by Beth!  Now here's your chance to win a copy of American Gift Knitting.  Use the Rafflecopter below to enter.

Congratulations to Christine P!  I've sent you an email and you will get your book soon.  Thanks everyone for entering and stay tuned for more fun giveaways coming soon!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck stitchers!


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