Tick Tock! 35 One Hour Crochet Projects

Alright folks, I have a confession to make...each and every year I am working on projects up until the last second.  Weaving in ends in the car on the way kind of stuff!  If you're like me, you may be looking for some quick little things to whip up in the next day or so.  I asked some of my bloggy pals for some one hour (some are even less) projects to share with us...so if you don't want to venture to a store right now, take a trip to your yarn stash instead and whip up something fabulous!

Note:  Click on the link below each photo to go to the pattern.  All links and photos used with permission.

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  1. Nice collection, Thanks for including the coasters, and headband. Merry Christmas

  2. Hi Jennifer~

    Thank You so much for sharing the "One Hour Crochet Projects." I'm going to be making the Crochet Tie Back Baby Headband first....then off to quite a few of the others you've posted. You're going to keep me busy right up to the "Big Day!

    You certainly kept me busy this year with all your lovely patterns and video's.

    Wishing You a "Very Merry Christmas" and "Happy 2015 New Year!"

    Hugs~ Joann

  3. Thank you so much for taking the time to put his together. And also to your contributors. this is awesome. I have used your patterns so many times for my friends and family. they think I am a genius. you make it so easy with the photos and great directions. I love Fiber Flux

  4. Such a nice pick of patterns. I love one skein or hr work. Thanks so much. I follow everywhere and to my delight, I follow some of the bloggers you posted from. Happy Holidays from WV!

  5. So many awesome projects. Thank you for posting.


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