Pattern Review...Tooth Fairy Pillow!

OK, how adorable is this?  The moment I saw this on Moogly I knew I had to make it!  This sweet little pillow is the perfect thing to tuck a tooth into for the tooth fairy...I just love those little wings!  The lovely Tamara has skillfully designed this special keepsake using only basic stitches to craft the pillow.  Whether you tuck it under a pillow or hang it on a door knob (hanging loop included in the pattern), your little person will be so excited to see what is inside the next morning!

The one I made in the above photo used Red Heart Super Saver in "Turquoise" "Lavender" and "White"  The colors were a special fact letting the child choose their colors is part of the fun!  

Oh, and one more thing...I embroidered the name on the back to make it extra special too.

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  1. We really need a tooth fairy pillow! This one is so cute!

    1. Thanks! Love this pattern too, it was super easy and fun to let the littles pick the colors! :)


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