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Welcome back to this week's videos! Each week I will be sharing the week's video tutorials. In case you missed them, here's another opportunity to learn something new or help you with a project. Thanks for watching and if you have an idea or suggestion for a new video you haven't seen yet on Fiber Flux, be sure to comment below! There is also a link to each project for the written tutorial, if you'd like to have the written version too.

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First up are the Candy Coated Boot Cuffs!  These fun boot cuffs are fun to make and especially for kids!

Next up is the double treble crochet stitch, a fabulously tall stitch!

The Outline Ribbed Scarf is beautiful, minimal, and easy peasy!

Step outside the box and make a beautiful, sparkly finger crochet cowl!

Learn a super easy decrease with the single crochet two together or sc2tog!

Looking for a fun new way to crochet?  Set down you hook and try finger crocheting!

The Everyman Scarf is elegant and warm with a gorgeous stitch that is easy to do!

That's all for this week lovelies! Again, be sure to leave any suggestions you may have for new videos...and of course, happy stitching!

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  1. Thank you for the video tutorial they are so helpful I have only been crocheting for about a year.


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