16 Free Crochet Patterns for Spring Cleaning!

Ahhh spring!  Time to clear the clutter out and make things sparkle and shine!  I've gathered 16 free crochet patterns to pretty up your space, so pop open the windows and check out these super useful projects!

Note: All photos and pattern links used with permission.  Click on the link below each photo to go directly to the pattern.

For more awesome and free spring cleaning patterns, check out my bloggy pal Celina from Simply Collectible's roundup of washcloths too!

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  1. Thanks for the roundup - they are all far too pretty to use for cleaning though lol

  2. I'm a novice crocheter and am just loving your blog. You present wonderful, fun patterns and they are so easy to follow. And then, bonus, you gather great patterns from other bloggers for us to try. Thanks much!!

  3. Hi, these crochets is not only good for cleaning but they also look good, thanks for sharing !!

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