How To Crochet the Double Treble Crochet Stitch (dtr) Photo + Video Tutorial

The double treble crochet stitch or as abbreviated in patterns "dtr" is a tall stitch the produces dramatic results.  Also referred to as the "double triple crochet stitch" It creates an open fabric and is very easy to learn.  Below is a video tutorial and a photo tutorial.  Happy crocheting!

Click below to watch the video:

We're going to make a little swatch...this is a great way to practice the stitch.  Begin by making a chain as wide as you'd like your swatch to be, then 6 more chains.

Wrap the yarn around hook 3 times,

Insert the hook into the sixth chain from the hook.

Wrap yarn around hook and bring up a loop.

You'll now have 5 loops on the hook.

Wrap yarn around hook and bring it through the first two loops,

You'll now have 4 loops on the hook.

Wrap yarn around hook and bring it through the next two loops,

You'll now have three loops on the hook.  Wrap yarn around hook again,

Two loops left on the hook.

Wrap yarn around hook again and bring it through the last two loops on the hook.

One loop left on the hook.  Repeat in each chain across your swatch or as indicated in your pattern.

To transition from row to row, simply chain 5,

And turn your work.

The ch 5 counts as one of the double treble crochet stitches in the row, so in the next stitch, work the dtr.  Continue with the dtr across the row.  All finished with our swatch, and happy crocheting to you!

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  1. at this point doing a single one would be an achievement for me...LOL I will get there eventually!

    1. I like to bring my hook and yarn right up to the video and crochet along...hope it helps! Have a lovely day too. :)


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