25 Fun Uses For Your Swatches!

As yarn enthusiasts, we are often left with piles of swatches on hand from our projects.  What do we do with them?  Here is a fun list to perhaps give a fun new purpose for those pretty little stitchy pieces.  

Not only did I come up with a few, but I asked a couple of my bloggy friends for their ideas too...they had some super creative uses for them as well.  Be sure to swing by each of their sites and say hello too!
  1. Frame in a shadow box for some pretty art. (via The Stitchin' Mommy)
  2. A lovely mug rug.
  3. A little blanket for a doll. (via KT & The Squid)
  4. Beautiful patches for clothing.
  5. Sew them together for a wacky blanket. (via Simply Collectible Crochet)
  6. Sew a few together for an interesting throw pillow.
  7. A fairy rug. (via Snappy Tots)
  8. Put them in a box or binder to create a handy stitch reference library.
  9. Arm covers for chairs. (via Snappy Tots)
  10. Hot pads to protect surfaces. (via Simply Collectible Crochet)
  11. String them together for a fun garland. (via Sincerely Pam)
  12. Use for dusting. (via Snappy Tots)
  13. For lacy swatches with lots of pretty holes, make a neat superhero mask! (via KatiDCreations)
  14. If using cotton yarn, makes a nice little scrubby. (via Simply Collectible Crochet)
  15. Line a basket. (via Snappy Tots)
  16. A "tester" piece for laundering, learn how the yarn behaves and washes before you commit to the entire project.
  17. Create a crochet/knitting journal...write about the project, what did you learn?  what would you do differently next time?
  18. Mist with your favorite scent, then place under a car seat. (via Snappy Tots)
  19. Hang them from a Christmas tree for a unique ornament. (via Sincerely Pam)
  20. Mats for under candles. (via Snappy Tots)
  21. Unravel the swatch and re-use yarn.
  22. Sew two together to make a dolly/stuffed animal sleeping bag.
  23. Add a tiny hanger and make a mini quilt ornament (via Snappy Tots)
  24. Use a few to cushion something that is special and fragile.
  25. Cats love yarn, so if you have a swatch that is particularly "stringy" a kitty would love it!

Do you have any other uses for your swatches?  Comment below and I'll add it to the list!

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  1. some really great ideas!! thanks :) and i do #21 everyday!! but after awhile, the yarn just doesnt work well anymore...its not wound together! :(

  2. I saw a beautiful idea .. attach it to a piece of drift wood & hang, with tassels or shells or whatever. Also, sew two together for a little purse & attach a press stud.. decorate.

  3. I saw a beautiful idea.. attach swatch or square to a piece of drift wood & hang. add tassels or beads or shells to the bottom. Also, sew two swatches together add a press stud ( maybe a crochet shell borde)r& voila.. a little purse

  4. Pretty sure I shouldn't admit this in public, but I don't think I've ever actually made a swatch (at least I haven't if you are referring to the gauge you're supposed to make before starting a pattern ;o)
    Fun ideas though!

    1. Me either, I just wing it as I go and adjust stitches as needed if the size is too small/large.

  5. Piece swatches together to make a tote bag or purse.

  6. I thought #16 is a brilliant idea, and I wonder why I've never thought of this in the past


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