Yarn 101: Bernat Blanket

Welcome to Yarn 101! In this series, I will be sharing more information about the many different and wonderful yarn out in the marketplace. I often get questions from the fabulous Fiber Flux readers about yarn. I hope you will find this information helpful and be sure to check below for a link to a free pattern with this yarn too!

This Yarn 101 will feature Bernat Blanket. This yarn is thick and plush with a chenille-like strand, making it fun to work up a comfy blanket. Below is a quick little video detailing all of the important information including weight, recommended hook and needle sizes, care instructions, and more:

Have you used this yarn? Be sure to comment below with your thoughts. Would you like to see another yarn featured in this series? Please share, I love requests!

Get yarn for this project here!

Bernat Blanket Yarn

Happy crocheting lovelies!

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  1. This looks so soft. Great video. Thank you.

  2. Bernat Blanket yarn is one of my favorite yarns to work with! I love it!!!

  3. Este hilo he usado para un arbol de Navidad y para un kimono para mi

  4. I can't find a link to the blanket? Maybe I'm missing something because I'm on my phone?

  5. Yes! I'm using the Bernat Blanket now -- Silver Steel and Light Teal. I decided I wanted to try arm-knitting with the goal of one of those big Merino Chunky Blankets. Am going through your Basics of Arm-Knitting, Episode 37 to learn the arm-knitting method & at this very moment I have my first 6 arm-knit stitches on my wrist.
    It's time to get back to it & see if I can work through this.
    If I can make something my 23-year old daughter is glad to receive as a gift, then I'll know I'm on the right track. One step/stitch at a time.
    Thank you for your videos, patterns, blog, etc. Great inspiration & you made it seem like it's a skill I'll be able to catch on to.
    Now I'm looking forward to your next giveaway blog post & when I get to a good stopping point, I've got my eye on the Turquoise Color Inspiration. Turquoise is my favorite color, so I want to look through all of that.

    Thank you & continued success,
    Paige Foley

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