Yarn 101: Venice from SKEINO

Welcome to Yarn 101! In this series, I will be sharing more information about the many different and wonderful types of yarn out in the marketplace. I often get questions from the fabulous Fiber Flux readers about yarn. I hope you will find this information helpful for the next time you go yarn shopping.

This Yarn 101 will feature Venice by SKEINO, the yarn is beautiful and sparkly as you can see here in this close up:

Photo courtesy of SKEINO.

I was able to check the colors out, aren't they lovely?
Here is the color card from the SKEINO site too:

Below is a quick little video detailing all of the important information including weight, recommended hook and needle sizes, care instructions.

To purchase Venice yarn by SKEINO, click here.

Also stop by and say hello to the folks at SKEINO on their YouTube channelFacebookTwitter, and Instagram too.

Happy stitching lovelies!

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  1. This looks and sounds like awesome yarn! I love the Don Giavonni Pastel yarn!

  2. When is Skeino going to have the other Venice colors available to buy on their website? I went there and all there was creme and snow.


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