Happy Earth Day! 16 Fun Up-cycling Projects...

Happy Earth Day Lovelies! I have assembled a fun collection for you to incorporate a little recycling and the re-use of items that may otherwise end up getting thrown away.  Here are 16 beautiful and totally free projects that make the most of things you can repurpose in to something useful again.  Enjoy and happy crocheting!

Here are some of the materials we'll be exploring:
  • T-Shirt yarn,
  • Fabric yarn,
  • Plarn (plastic grocery bag yarn),
  • An upcycled shirt,
  • Recycled objects such as cds, metal tab tops, and greeting cards)

Let's connect!

T-shirt yarn is not only fun to crochet with but also fun to make!  Gather up some unwanted t-shirts and check out this easy video to get started making your own:

Keep reading below for 5 fabulous t-shirt yarn projects!

Next up is fabric yarn...similar in concept to t-shirt yarn too, check out these two projects below:

Check out this awesome upcycled shirt...great for yarn leftovers too!

Let's move on to "Plarn" shall we?  Plarn is made from old plastic grocery store bags.  Chances are you have a bunch of these sitting around...why not make them into something new?  Check out these three neat projects below, so creative!

Our last section explores incorporating miscellaneous objects into your crochet, including items made with old CDs, metal can tab tops, plastic water bottle rings, and even old greeting cards!  I love the creativity and clever use of these objects...so interesting!

Happy crocheting lovelies!

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