Color Inspiration: Turquoise

If you're looking for a little color inspiration, you've come to the right place!  This month we'll be exploring turquoise, a super trendy color right now that is a lovely blue-green shade.  Included are some fabulous free patterns and yarn (of course!), but I've also included some things found on Etsy, and incorporating turquoise into the home.  Enjoy!

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Above are two free patterns, one knitting and one crochet.  The crochet top on the left, the Lace Topper from Red Heart is airy, lacy and makes a fabulous statement.  The pretty cabled (knit) scarf from Red Heart, called Cable Your Scarf is a great way to practice knitting cables.

I just couldn't leave out iconic turquoise jewelry...there are so many beautiful handmade offerings on Etsy, here are two of them.  Above and on the left are "Natural Turquoise Earrings" from Splurge on Etsy, and I'm loving this collection of silver and turquoise bangle bracelets from BaubleVine on Etsy, check out that feather!

I came across this adorable Llamarama zip bag from Knit cute is that?!?  Perfect for hooks, needles, scissors, and more!

This Turquoise Mandala Doily By Kim Guzman adds in a few more colors for a mesmerizing pretty!

The Lattice Windflower Shawl (Knit) from by Alice Humbracht for Knit Picks (paid pattern) creates an ombre turquoise effect...stunning!

Something a little different to see on the Fiber Flux Blog, but above are two interiors that inspire...adding turquoise to your home creates a fresh & soothing environment.  Try adding a hand stitched pillow or afghan for a pop of color!

Of course we couldn't forget the YARN!  I found two fabulous choices the skein on the left is called Stroll Tonal Sock Yarn from Knit Picks in the "Frozen" colorway.  The pretty ball of yarn on the right is a deeper shade, called Palette from Knit Picks in the "Calypso Heather" colorway.

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  1. Love the turquoise. Here's one I love:


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