Free Crochet Pattern...Autumn Morning Button Cowl!

The Autumn Morning Button Cowl is a beautiful and super easy project to welcome the fall season.  Chunky lace gives it lots of texture and a rustic wood button helps to customize the cowl for the wearer.  Scroll down to see the many ways you can style this fun and easy autumn accessory!

Need a little help?  There's a full video tutorial below too!

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Autumn Morning Button Cowl
By Jennifer Dickerson

Click below to watch a full video tutorial on how to make this project:



  • 11 inches wide
  • 43 inches long

Abbreviations and Tutorial Links:


Ch 28 (multiple of 6+4)

Row 1: In the 6th ch from the hook work (2 dc, ch 3, 2 dc).  *Skip 5 ch and in the next ch work (2 dc, ch 3, 2 dc).  Repeat from * until 4 chains remain on the row.  Skip 3 ch and in the last ch, work a dc.

Row 2: Ch 3 and turn. *work (2 dc, ch 3, 2 dc) in the ch 3 space from the previous row.  Repeat from * in each ch 3 space across, then work a dc in the turning chain space.

Repeat row 2 until piece measures approximately 43 inches long or desired length.  Fasten off yarn and proceed to finishing & assembly instructions to instructions on button placement, etc.

Finishing & Assembly: With a matching piece of yarn sew the button as shown in the diagram.  You may need to try on the cowl first before sewing for best fit and placement of the button.  Weave in any ends and you're finished!

Be sure to check out all of the photos in this post for different ways to style your cowl!

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  1. Yay for chunky yarn patterns! I've been waiting, patiently. :D I have tons of T&Q in my stash, and love these button cowls b/c they are so quick! :)

  2. Good Afternoon Jennifer, I have the perfect person in mind, who would love this scarf.... my daughter Danielle. She loves big, chunky cowls.
    .... and the stylish detail of the wooden button, sets the cowl off perfectly.
    Best Wishes

  3. I am doing this in 4 medium yarn with a 5.0mm hook since I don't have the yarn the pattern calls for and had to make other adjustments. I think your cowl is just beautiful! I'm a second time round beginner and have found this pattern super easy. Mine is for a gift. Thank you for sharing!!

  4. You are awesome I just started crocheting and I've been watching your videos I love how slow you go it's easy to follow along because a lot of people forget they're talking and they start going real fast they don't realize we can't follow cause were beginners but I have been learning from your videos and I hope that you will keep making them I love them thank you so much I'm making a prayer Shaw from my pastor but I asked Denteley extend it out as I went up about the fifth row I realize I extended it out & I don't know how to fix it but I'm a try if you have any hints please let me know or should just have an angle nothing I can do about it it was a mistake

  5. I have never crotchet anything in my life but this has been the best tutorial ever. You have an amazing teaching gift. Thank you so much! I am on my second one.

  6. Wow... love this pattern did a good job teaching it ..I made this scarf in one afternoon on a snowy day it's very easy if you know the basics of crocheting... instructions were clear and easy to follow...thxs for sharing

  7. Why can I not print pattern without the blocking of instructions of pattern?

  8. I'm working on this project using same yarn but my yarn feels tight and bulky. Not sure if it's my needle or what but it doesn't look at stretchy as yours in the video. Any advice?

  9. Wear can you find large buttons like these? I'm having a hell of a time finding 2 inch wooden buttons of any kind.

    1. Walmart they have different shaped ones as well

  10. I love your pattern it works up so fast and it's beautiful! I wanted to let you know that it was featured on my instagram page :-) linked directly to this page! @knitsbyjohanna xo thanks for this pattern

  11. Is it ok to make this cowl and sell? I'm using all the funds to reach out & help those in need (mainly orphans).
    Would appreciate if u could let me know as I really want to respect yr work.

    Thank u in advance

  12. Love the way mine came out! Thank you! :)


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