12 Tips for Working With Novelty Yarn

Novelty yarn...cute, pretty, and fun, but dare we say sometimes a real challenge to work with?  Here are 12 helpful tips to help you out...yay!  Happy stitching lovelies!

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Check out my video below where I go through each step, and read the tips below:

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1. Choose a contrasting hook/needle color than the yarn color you're using.  For example if your yarn is light, try a darker hook/needle and vice versa. 

2. Good lighting is best.  Opt for natural lighting or even task lighting.

3. For heavily textured yarn that makes it impossible to see the stitches, try holding a smoother strand of "regular" yarn with it to give your stitches more visibility and definition (see below).

4. If you are having difficulty crocheting into the stitches (they can be difficult to see with very fuzzy yarn!) try working into the spaces instead.  The spaces usually have a much bigger opening and are easier to see and feel.

5. Choose the recommended hook or needle for the yarn (or slightly bigger).

6. Keep your tension on the looser side as you work.  Tight stitches can make it more difficult to work with.  Looser stitches are a little easier to see as you work each row.  As you approach the next stitch, "feel" for that loop.

7. Count your stitches as you go to be sure you are not accidentally increasing or decreasing your stitch count.

8. If it is difficult to see how many rows you have worked use a row counter or mark them on a piece of paper.

9. Stick with easy patterns with simple stitches.  Getting overly complicated will only make it more difficult to work with.

10. Try switching to a bamboo/wood hook/needle with a little extra grip.  This will give you more control and keep things from slipping around.

11. If novelty yarn is frustrating you, try using it for very small projects or as an edging only as an accent to your piece.

12. Always start with a fresh cut and try knotting one end if the yarn tends to unravel.

Have you tried working with novelty yarn before?  Let us know what you think and if you have any extra tips too...we want to know!

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  1. I have found that when working with fun fur like yarn making something like a hat...it doesn't matter WHERE you make the stitch, as long as your count is right. No one can tell. RH Boutique Fur was a challenge...it's sooo thick. But in the end it worked. I used it to make a collar. And agian...no one can see WHERE I put the stitches. As far as rows go...I take a piece of scrap paper and number my rows and cross them off as I go. I've been doing these things for decades. They work for me.

  2. I love the idea of trimming an item. Thanks for the information.

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