2017 Fiber Flux Spring CAL! Week 2: The Blanket Square

Welcome back for week 2 of the 2017 Fiber Flux Spring Crochet Along! Today we'll be learning how to make the granny squares for the Tropical Getaway Blanket, a classic granny square blanket using the join as you go (JAYGO) technique. The square for the Tropical Getaway Blanket is a classic granny square with a pretty blossom in the center.

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*This is a self-paced project, so definitely go at the speed you feel most comfortable. The instructional videos and posts will be up forever and you will always be able to go back and watch again and again!

Because there are those of you who prefer a written pattern and those who prefer a video tutorial, below are both. Either way, be sure to check out the video for additional information about the number of squares, plus some helpful tips as you are working on the project.

Here's this week's CAL video:

Tropical Getaway Blanket Square Pattern:

Ch 4, join with a sl st in the furthest ch from hook to form ring.

Round 1: ch 3, then work 2 dc, then a sl st into the center of the ring. Work *(3 dc, sl st) five times for a total of 6 petals. Join with a sl st to close round.

Round 2: Tie on new color onto the back loops at the top of one of the petals. Insert your hook (same place at the top of petal) as if to work a back post stitch and ch 3 (working it this way will make the chain look more consistent with the other stitches). Ch 1, then in the next space (in between petals) work a tr into the center of the ring. Ch 1, then work a bpdc into the center most dc of the next petal. Continue in this manner around the circle, working a tr, ch 1 into the center of the ring (in between petals), then a bpdc, ch 1 in center dc of each petal. Join to close round with a sl st.

Round 3: Tie on a new color into any space and ch 3. In the same space, work a dc, ch 1. Work 2 dc, ch 1 in each space around. Join to close round with a sl st.

Round 4: Tie on a new color into any space and ch 3. In the same space, work a 2 dc, ch 1. Work 3 dc, ch 1 in each space around. Join to close round with a sl st.

Round 5: Tie on a new color into any space and ch 3. In the same space, work (2 dc, ch 1, 3 dc, ch 1) (this will create first corner of the square). In the next space, work 3 dc, ch 1 (this will create the first side of the square. In the next space, (work 3 dc, ch 1) to make the next side. In the next corner, work 3 dc, ch 1, 3 dc, ch 1). Continue in this manner, working corner, side, side, corner, side, side, etc. Join to close round with a sl st. 

Round 6: Repeat round 5, for this round there will be 3 side groups in between the corners on all four sides.

Round 7: Repeat round 5, for this round there will be 4 side groups in between the corners on all four sides

Round 8: Repeat round 5, for this round there will be 5 side groups in between the corners on all four sides

Note: just be sure there is a ch 1 in between each grouping of 3 dc as you work each round. That is what gives it the pretty spaces in between each cluster and keeps it nice and flat.

If you are unable to make all or most of the squares, just make a few to get you started on the JAYGO technique. We will be working round 9 (the JAYGO joining round) in the white yarn next week. 

Here's a graphic (below) of how I will be laying the motifs out.  My particular blanket will be sized to fit on a twin bed.  Scroll down for a helpful chart on common blanket sizes.

Need a different size?  Here are some common blanket sizes.  While they don't have to be exactly made in these dimensions, you can use this as a general guideline.  Fo example, if you need more overhang around a bed, you might need to make your blanket a little bit bigger.  Because this is a JAYGO project, it makes sizing easy as pie!

*For even usage of all of the yarn colors, try mixing up the colors a bit. For example, I made some beginning with papaya, some beginning with lilac, some beginning with aqua, and some with blue Hawaii. Here are the color breakdowns I came up with, but please feel free to come up with you own too!

OK, let's take a quick peek at the schedule...last week we talked a little bit about the blanket and went over supplies needed:

  • Tuesday March 14: Introduction to the CAL, the project, sizing options, and supplies needed 
  • Tuesday March 21 (that's today!): How to make the basic square for the Tropical Getaway Blanket, review of the chart for motif placement, plus some helpful tips. 
  • Tuesday March 28: How to join squares with the join as you go technique (JAYGO), helpful tips for using the chart to plan your work. 
  • Tuesday April 4: How to add an edging to "frame" in your squares, finish work on the blanket. 
  • Tuesday April 11: Surprise! Today there will be a special surprise bonus pattern to go along with your blanket. 
  • Tuesday April 18: I will feature our Maker Gallery...so send me your work! This can be single motifs, work in progress, or finished pieces too! We want to see it all! 

Last part...let's connect! You can connect at any of the social media places below:

Also I have set up a special group for us on Ravelry, the "Fiber Flux CAL Group" There is a special welcome area, so please hop on and introduce yourself. You can get info, ask questions, help each other, see what everyone is doing, and show off your work too!

I am so super excited to see all of your beautiful blankets in the next few weeks...please share those pictures and above enjoy, take some time to relax with your hook, and have fun! That's all for today lovelies, see you next Tuesday for part three of the CAL!!

© Jennifer Dickerson 2017

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  3. Could you tell us what the dimensions are of you square after round 8?


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