How To Steam Block Acrylic Yarn Projects

Blocking acrylic?  Is it possible?  Many of you have asked me if you could do it, and how to do it. I put together a quick video where I steam block an acrylic scarf (sneak peek of tomorrow's free pattern by the way!).  It is a quick, easy, and a gentle way to straighten things out a bit.  

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Check out the you can see the unblocked flower on the left has a bit of curl to it.  After steam blocking the flower has uncurled and is nice and flat.

To steam block your acrylic projects you'll need:
  • Your project made with acrylic yarn.
  • Pins (rust proof is best, check packaging)
  • Blocking mats or towel (I use playroom interlocking and easy to find!)
  • Iron with a steam setting or a garment steamer works really well too.

Check out the video below to learn how to steam block your acrylic projects.  It is super important that you never touch your iron to your project.  Not only will you melt the item, you'll ruin the iron too...yikes!

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