2019 Temperature Blanket CAL: Part 1 Intro, Supplies, & Getting Organized

Happy 2019 lovelies!  January is all about temperature projects!  I have absolutely adore these kind of projects, and I'm really excited about this one!  If you're not familiar with the concept, a temperature project is where you create a motif or row on a project you're making based on your local temperature outside...fun!  It goes on for a year and at the end of the year, you'll have an interesting representation of the temperatures for an entire year!  

Queue up on Ravelry!

Below is the video...check it out for a full introduction to the project, supplies, planning out the blanket, and getting organized:

Last year we did a temperature shawl:

This year, I wanted to try doing a motif project...a gorgeous blanket!  We'll be doing a small daily square in just two rounds, they joining them together as we go with a common color (I'm using white) to frame them all in.  Round 1 will be the daily high, round two will be the daily low temperature.  Tomorrow, we'll learn the crochet part, today we will learn how to get started.

Here's a brief summary of how we're going to do it in 2019:

  • We're going to create a beautiful, colorful granny motif blanket.
  • We will do one tiny granny motif per day, first round average high, second round average low.  Alternatively, you could do both rounds in one color for the average daily.
  • Each square (using yarn and hook I'm using--all three rounds high round, low round, and JAYGO round) is roughly 4 inches wide and tall, so if you multiply that by 18 squares across and 21 squares down (give or take to account for personal tension), you get about 72 inches wide and 84 inches long (give or take).
  • Even if you get a few weeks behind, you can easily catch up, as the squares are very small.  (Use the historical weather tool link HERE) 
  • I will provide seasonal updates on the progress of the blanket throughout the year, there will be a spring, summer, fall, and winter update.  At the very end of the year, we'll recap the whole year and add a simple border if you like!
  • Important to note: my chart is in degrees Fahrenheit.  However, you can adjust yours to Celsius if you prefer. 
  • I did a wide range of temperatures because it gets very cold and very hot where I live.  Please adjust accordingly to your area of the world, if you live in a warmer region, your chart will have different ranges for example.
I have created lots of tools to help you keep everything straight and totally organized as you go.  One thing I really dislike doing is counting squares over and over again, so hopefully one or all of these tools will help you!!

Here's what you'll need to make the blanket:
  • Red Heart Super Saver (or similar weight yarn) in cherry red, shocking pink, perfect pink, bright yellow, pumpkin, spring green, delft blue, turqua, lavender, orchid, and white)  This yarn has no dye lots, so great if you need to pick another skein of one of the colors later in the year...you don't need all of the yarn now!
  • 5.5 mm "I" crochet hook
  • Tapestry needle
  • Ruler of Tape Measure
  • Swatch Chart--I typed mine and printed it on a piece of card stock, punched holes next to each color, then added a bit of the corresponding yarn...easy peasy!  See swatch chart below (want to make one too?  Check out my video for the tutorial!) 
Get yarn for this project here!
(Affiliate link)

Let's talk about the temperature scale next, I created this little chart with some card stock and bits of yarn...as you can see below, I will be using similar ranges as last year, only difference is the JAYGO color will be white, and I added the "Pumpkin" color in too.

To get your average daily temperature, check out your local weather forecast or an app.  If you need past temperatures, you can easily look them up , by clicking HERE. 

Another tool I am using to keep organized is a calendar, you can customize and print one for yourself for free HERE.  This is SO helpful for recording daily temperatures and jotting in the color needed too:

For the layout of the motifs, we're going to do 18 squares across and 21 squares down.  This will include all 365 days of the year...but then there are 13 squares extra...no worries!!  We're going to create a "marker square" at the beginning of each month (12 total) + one extra to close off the year.  This will give us a beautiful rectangle shape.  Plus I kind of wanted to see a little bit of division in the months so visually you can see where you're at in the year...neat, right?!?

Below is an example of how I'll keep all of those grannies organized.  I made a CUSTOM grid on this site click Click HERE for Graph Paper Link.  It's simple, just enter 18 x 20 and it will generate it for you.  Then see below how I mark it as I go?  Easy peasy!

As I make a square I mark it in pen ("W" for white (the blank marker) or the day date (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc).  When I JAYGO it to the blanket, I then color it in.  This keeps it straight for me...it helps a lot!

Please visit and join the Fiber Flux CAL group on Ravelry to get updates, see everyone's progress (fun because we all live in different places in the world with a variety of temperatures!  Also, get questions answered, help others, and show off your work.  

Check out the written pattern tomorrow to learn about how to crochet the multi color square, solid color square, and the join as you go technique (JAYGO).

Use the hashtag #fiberfluxcal to share your work or tag @fiberflux on social media!

© Jennifer Dickerson 2019

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  1. It all looks so beautifully organized! Thank you for sharing your method!

  2. Woo hoo! I was trying to figure out how to do one of these outside of single crochet rows for this year. Perfect timing on launching this. Thanks! I am so ready and excited to get started! I have watched so many YouTube videos on this subject and I found yours to be the most helpful and your using both the daily high and low, not just one or the other! Thanks again!

  3. Thanks for the info. I have wanted to do a temperature project but not a scarf. I will adjust temp range since here won't need under 20 and will need 115. South south west Ga

  4. Good morning :)
    I am getting ready to start this challenge. I am from Quebec, and I have a lots of LOW @ 0 and HIGH @ -5 in the same day. I will have a lots of squares all the same colors. SHould I add a color from -1 to -10?????

    1. Thats what I'm going to be doing. I'm from Michigan and we've been having alot below zero temperatures lately. I'm going to add another color between white and orchid

  5. Thank you, thank you thank you! I am knitting my first temperature blanket and my BFF sent me your YouTube video. Your method of organization is genius! i have created my color chart and calendar. It has been so helpful in keeping track of the temp for each day and for keeping track of skipped days. I don't have to try to count rows anymore, I just look at my calendar. :)

  6. Good afternoon I’m getting ready to start the challenge I’m from newbrunswick all my highs and lows are below zero should I add a colour for -1 to -10 and -11 to -20

    1. Wow, I never thought of adding below zero that way, I just added one color for all below zero. good idea though if you can keep it organized as so

  7. I have started this, and am on the second strip getting close to half done, and just slip stitched my granny square to it and weaved my ends in, then realized I have a mistake, :( I am so upset with my self, and feel really bad, I'm just going to have to leave it like it is, it'll be for myself anyway, and I'll just have to watch what I'm doing from now on. I feel so bad and have been having a lot of fun doing this, Thank you for this idea,

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  9. I have completed through September 14! I have not seen any newer posts since early this year. Anyone else still doing this blanket? Mine is turning out really well, but I do not know quite how to post pics on the Ravelry site. Help, please.

  10. What has happened with this CAL over the year? I have completed through October, and have neard nothing more. The blanket is getting really large, and is quite stunning! I don't know how to post pics on here!

  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  12. I made two ot them; one for a small Minnesota town and one for Ft. Worth,Texas. I had the low of the day for first round. I am considering doing again for 2023. This is the best pattern I found. Thank you, Jennifer.


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