Easy Beginner Striped Throw, Free Crochet Pattern + Video

The Easy Beginner Striped Throw is the ultimate learn to crochet pattern.  Stitched up in an array of beginner stitches (sc, hdc, dc, tr, and dtr), this throw will not only introduce you to easy stitches, but give you lots of practice too!

Stripes of cozy, fuzzy yarn make this a cozy but lightweight blanket and it is finished off beautifully with fun tassels!

Need a little help? There's a full video tutorial below! 

Easy Beginner Striped Throw
by Jennifer Dickerson

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In case you missed it:

  • K (6.5 mm) crochet hook 
  • 4 Balls of Dreamy yarn by Red Heart (each ball is 466 yards, I used the "Aqua" "Dark Taupe" "Celery" and "Gray" colorways)
  • Tapestry Needle 
  • Scissors 

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  • 50 inches tall
  • 75 inches wide
  • Tassels are 3 inches tall

Abbreviations and Tutorial Links:


Ch 150 (if you want to make the width narrower or wider, simply add or subtract chains as needed).

Row 1: Work a sc in the second ch from the hook.  Work a sc in each ch across. (note: When row 1 gets repeated in subsequent rows, instead ch 1 and turn, then work a sc in each stitch across, then a sc in the top of the turning chain)

Row 2: Ch 2 and turn.  Work a hdc in each stitch across, then a hdc in the top of the turning chain.

Row 3: Ch 3 and turn.  Work a dc in each stitch across, then a dc in the top of the turning chain.

Row 4: Ch 4 and turn.  Work a tr in each stitch across, then a tr in the top of the turning chain.

Row 5: Ch 5 and turn.  Work a dtr in each stitch across, then a dtr in the top of the turning chain.

Repeat rows 1-5 until throw is approximately 50 inches tall or desired height. 

Note: check out the graphic below to see how I did the striping repeats or create your own!


Weave in all ends.  Add a tassel to each corner of the blanket using yarn leftovers.  For each tassel, I did 40 wraps of yarn around all 4 fingers.  If you have never made a tassel, check out the video where I show you step by step how to both make and attach them. 

If you need a little extra help be sure to check out the video and follow along with me step by step!

© Jennifer Dickerson 2019

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  1. Thas for all the fun patterns..we need to do this again..always enjoy your patterns and how you teach us slow and easy

  2. Brilliant!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  3. Hi there, thank you for this tutorial, what size is the yarn please? Thanks!

    1. I'm pretty sure it's a size 4 yarn

    2. Hi, I believe it's a size 4 yarn. I love the colors Jennifer chose :)


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