Gorgeous Green! 12 Free Crochet Patterns

Ahh green...the color of growth and springtime!  Here are 12 free crochet patterns + videos that celebrate this fresh color, from vibrant emeralds and limes to muted sages and mints we've got you covered!

To get to the pattern/video, simply click the link below each photo.  Happy crocheting!

Bells of Ireland Scarf

Cilantro Cowl

Easy Beginner Scarf

Wintergreen Ombre Cowl

Friendship Boot Cuffs

Watercress Lace Button Cowl

Crochet Class Cowl

Arugula Scarf

One Round Shamrock

Ava Bonnet

Wise Oak Ribbed Scarf

© Jennifer Dickerson 2019

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  1. So many patterns to choose from. Each are very lovely. Thank you for provided such nice patterns.


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