Hello Spring! 10 Fresh & Fun Projects...

Hello lovelies and happy spring!  With spring comes new beginnings, fresh colors, spring cleaning, lighter fabrics and yarns and it is such a lovely time of year!  Here are 10 fabulous projects that you can stitch up to welcome in the season.  

Be sure to check out my video where I show and talk about each one in more detail:

Here are the projects in the order that they appeared in the video too:

Lake House Wrap

Donut Scrubby

Little Pink Purse

Color Pop Tote

Coastal Placemat

Sparkling Waters Wrap

Absolute Beginner Crochet Cowl

Watercress Lace Button Cowl

Heart You Scarf

Soft Petal Button Wrap

© Jennifer Dickerson 2019

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  1. Very cheery! Love your choice of projects and colors! These will put a smile on my Spring! Thanks for sharing this!


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