8 Eco Friendly Tips For Crocheters!

Looking for ways to green up your crochet?  Check out these 8 great tips to help repurpose, reduce, reuse and recycle!  Have anything that we didn't mention that you do?  Add it in the comments below!

The tips are below and also check out my video where I give a little more info and ideas for each of the tips:

1. Use reusable dishcloths!  This will reduce the amount of disposable wipes, paper towels, etc.

2. Save you yarn clippings to use for stuffing in pillows, amigurumi, etc.  Check out my cute pillow from the video!

3. Use longer yarn scraps for striping in your work, embroiders, or other small details such as pom poms and tassels!  Have lots of yarn scraps?  Check out our Stashdown Challenge going on now!

4. Repurpose items by making your own yarn!  T-shirt yarn, plastic yarn ("plarn"), ribbon, bakers twine, and fabric are great choices!  Check out my t-shirt yarn tutorial!

5. Repurpose some old projects and swatches by pulling them apart and making them into something new.
6. Donate your yarn!  Instead of letting yarn sit around, send it forth to places that can utilize it too!  Places like senior centers, preschools, libraries, maker spaces, and other organizations.
7. Instead of plastic single-use bags, try stitching up a reusable tote!  Tuck them away in your purse, car, etc so you always have one on hand!

8. Crochet for a great eco-friendly cause!  You can make items, sell them, and send those dollars to a favorite organization.  Likewise, there are public art projects that you can send things to that help to raise awareness about a cause.

Happy stitching lovelies!

© Jennifer Dickerson 2019

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