Crochet Society Unboxing & Review!

I am super excited to share with you the May Crochet Society box this month! Recently I had the pleasure of getting to check it out and I am loving it!

The Crochet Society subscription box is a monthly subscription box that arrives right to your door. Each month it includes some crochet patterns, yarn, a hook, and a bunch of other fun items to make the projects!  I really couldn't believe how many fun things were inside of this box!

Check out my unboxing video here:

Here is a little sneak peek of the three patterns included in this month's box:

Photo courtesy of Crochet Society

Below are some of the things in the box...all items match the month's theme and are so pretty!  Below you can see some of the items...a pink glittery tassel maker, rose gold earrings, neon thread, a fun feather stitch maker, and check out that ombre hook!

Also, the box itself matches everything, and there's a neat stitch tool (the bright blue item shown next to the box), and the yarn is super soft too.

Here's the full list of what was in the box I received:
  • 3 crochet patterns (llama, headband, and mandala bag)
  • 2 balls of yarn
  • Hook with handmade touches
  • Tassel maker tool
  • Stitch tool
  • Feather stitch marker
  • Hoop Earrings
  • Earrings hooks
  • 1 set of safety eyes
  • Wood beads (2 boxes)
  • Neon embroidery floss
  • Full color pattern booklet

I also found the pricing to be very affordable, especially because of the hight quality of everything and the sheer number items in the box.  Shipping is worldwide and included in the price too!

Special thanks to Crochet Society for sending me this box to review! I received a box to review and share, all opinions are my own.

© Jennifer Dickerson 2020

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