Embroidery Hoop Wall Weaving, Yarn Craft + Video

I love finding new ways of displaying yarn, don't you?  This embroidery hoop wall weaving is a beautiful way to use up some yarn scraps or showcase a really special yarn you may have. A simple embroidery hoop doubles up as both a loom and frame too!

Want a little help? There's a full video tutorial below too! 

Embroidery Hoop Wall Weaving
By Jennifer Dickerson

Click below to watch a full video tutorial on how to make this project:

  • Yarn scraps of different textures and weight
  • Embroidery Hoop (I used a 7 inch hoop)
  • Scissors 
  • Tapestry needle
  • I used a 7 inch hoop, but you can use any size hoop you like!

  • Remove the inner hoop and set the outer hoop aside for now.
  • Tie yarn in a secure knot to the top of hoop.
  • Begin creating a series of criscrosses all the way around the hoop.
  • Once you've gone all the way around, tie a knot onto the hoop again to finish.
  • Take a moment before your start weaving to center and straighten everything out.
  • Choose a yarn you'd like for the center and cut a piece about 24 inches or so.
  • Thread your tapestry needle with the yarn.
  • To start weaving, bring up the needle from back to front and begin creating a crisscross pattern in the center.
  • Once your center has been "filed in" after a few passes, you're ready to start weaving around.
  • With your needle and same yarn, come up from the back and work the needle under, over, under, over etc all the way around.
  • After each completed pass all the way around, snug things in toward the center before starting a new pass.
  • Continue working around, changing colors as often as you like until hoop has been filled in.
  • If you want group of color, try working back and forth in rows for sections of color.
  • You can also add beads, feathers, and lots more for additional texture.
  • When completed, tie off the last strand with a secure knot.
  • Replace the outer hoop around the inner hoop and tighten in place.
  • If you like, you can add fringe to the bottom Pull a long length of yarn and fold in half several times.  
  • Fold it around your finger and send the loop through the bottom edge.
  • Send tails through and pull gently to tighten.
  • Trim bottom as desired for the look you like.  You can cut it straight across, at an angle, or a chevron shape too.
  • Hang and enjoy!

© Jennifer Dickerson 2020

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  5. This is such a neat and easy craft my grandchildren will love to make. It is of high quality outcome as well. Bravo thank you very much for sharing!


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