3 Fun Temperature Projects To Make in 2021!

I love a good temperature project, don't you?  I've done several over the years and I like to mix it up a bit.  Here are three different ways to record the temperatures for 2021, a blanket, scarf, and shawl!

First up is the shawl...this one is probably the most do-able because I captured the average weekly temperature each week to keep it from getting too long.  The result is a pretty and unique wrap!  Learn more about this project here or check out the video:

Another fun project to try is a temperature scarf.  A little less of a commitment than a blanket because of its size, it is a fun way to commemorate a year.  I've had lots of comments from those of you who also make one for a past year too such as a birth year, anniversary or other special year!

Note that is can be kind of long, but that makes a cozy scarf that can be wrapped around the neck a couple of times!  

Check out the project here and check out the video to make one of your own:

Last but not least is a temperature blanket, probably the type of temperature project I see crocheters make the most.  You can make a striped blanket out of the scarf pattern above by just making it really wide, or you can do lovely little motifs like the one I did below.  The one below captured the daily high and low for a whole year and from it came a gorgeous rainbow-y granny blanket!  This one probably takes the most time, but it was such a rewarding blanket to complete.  

Video for part 1:

Video for part 2:

I also did a rainbow themed border for this one, it really framed it in nicely.

Check it out here and get the video too:

That's all for now lovelies!  Love seeing all of your temperature projects each year!!

© Jennifer Dickerson 2021

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