Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Candy Ribbons Scarf, Free Crochet Pattern + Video

The Candy Ribbons Scarf is a playful scarf that is super cozy.  Easy v-stitch is worked up in extra fun shades that show off the colors beautifully.  This scarf makes a quick gift to brighten up even the grayest of winter days!

Want a little help? There's a full video tutorial below too! 

Candy Ribbons Scarf
By Jennifer Dickerson

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Finished Sizing:
  • 8 inches wide
  • 70 inches long
  • Fringe adds an additional 8 inches to each side (total of 16 inches)

This scarf pattern originally appeared in I Like Crochet magazine.  I'm so excited to now be able to share it here on the blog and channel with you!  Subscribe to I Like Crochet here!  Photo courtesy of I Like Crochet/Prime Publishing.

Color sequence:
  • 1 row of raspberry (fringe color)
  • 4 rows of blossom
  • 1 row of pumpkin
  • 4 rows of blossom
  • 1 row of butterscotch
  • 4 rows of blossom
  • then repeat sequence, ending scarf with a row of raspberry (fringe color)
Ch 14 (Multiple of 3+2)

Row 1: In the 4th chain from the hook, work a (dc, ch 1, dc).  *Skip the next chain and work (dc, ch 1, dc) in the next chain.  Repeat from * until two chains remain. Skip the next chain, then work a dc into the last ch.

Row 2: Ch 3 and turn.  Work a (dc, ch 1, dc) in each of the ch 1 spaces from the previous row (center of each "V").  Repeat Across, then work a dc into the turning chain space.

Repeat row 2 until piece measures approximately 70 inches long or desired length.  See color sequence above for information about color changes.

Assembly and Finishing:
  • Weave in all ends.
  • To add fringe (optional), pull a length of yarn about 24 inches long. Pull another length of yarn and fold in half. Pull another length of yarn and fold in half. Cut yarn then wrap around your finger to make a large loop at the top. Using your crochet hook to help (I like to send mine up from underneath for the best looking knot), send loop through center of any star eye along the bottom edge of the cowl. Put ends through the loop and tighten carefully so you don't distort the stitchwork. Repeat around the entire bottom edge, spacing evenly. I added a fringe bundle to each star eye on mine, but you can make yours fuller looking by adding more in between if you like too.
  • Trim fringe straight across. Pick up and shake a little and trim to neaten up if needed.

© Jennifer Dickerson 2021

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