4 Great Temperature Projects You Can Start Now!

I just love a good temperature project, don't you?  I've done several over the years and I definitely like to mix it up a bit.  While I've made some traditional temperature blankets, I've done a scarf and a shawl too!

What is a temperature project you may be wondering?  A temperature blanket, scarf, or anything else you can dream up is a way to record a year's worth of temperatures in yarn!  You can represent this by working a row or add a square motif too. Both variations can be found in the projects below.  

There are lots of ways you can record temperatures too, pick which one suits you best and consider things like how much yarn you have, how big of a project you want to commit to, and how you will end up using the finished piece.  Here are some ideas you can use for your own project, happy temperature crocheting friends!

Ready to get started but need a temperature in the past?  I like looking them up here: historical weather data

Don't have much time or yarn to commit?  Try recording the average weekly temperature!  This is probably the most simple and manageable project of the lineup.  Check out my temperature shawl below, where each row represents a week of the year...short and sweet!

Learn more about this project here or check out the video:

Another fun project to try is a temperature scarf.  A little less of a commitment than a blanket because of its size, but is still a super fun way to commemorate a year.  I've had lots of comments from those of you who also chose to make one for a past year too such as a birth year, anniversary or other special year!

Check out the project here and check out the video to make one of your own:

Last but not least is a temperature blanket, probably the most popular type of temperature project I see crocheters making.  You can make a striped blanket out of the scarf pattern above by just making it really wide (there is no special stitch count), or you can do lovely little motifs like the two versions I have below.  

The first is a simple granny blanket that captures the average daily temperature each day.  After making the tiny squares, I then I chose a color (black for mine) to join them all together using the join as you go (JAYGO) technique.  The result is a gorgeous spectrum of grannies with a fun color to frame it all in!  While I chose black for a dramatic, striking effect, many of you tried different colors such as bright blue, pink, and white too!  So much fun!  I'm still plugging along on mine, and will update this post when I have it all done!

Check out the project here and check out the video to make one of your own:

If you're ready to take your temperature blanket to the next level and make an epic temperature blanket, try this next one. This project is also worked in classic granny motifs, but this time it captures the daily highs and lows for a whole year and becomes a gorgeous rainbow-y granny blanket!  The first (center) round is the high for the day and the second (outer) round is the low for the day. The grannies are then all joined together with the JAYGO technique with a designated color (mine was in a cloud white this time to go with the rainbow theme) Finally, I created a classic granny border in each color used for a a dramatic frame.  This one probably takes the most time, but it was such a rewarding blanket to complete, and so darn pretty!  

Check out the full project parts here: Part 1 of the blanketpart two of the blanket, and part 3 of the blanket.

Video for part 1:

Video for part 2:

Video for part 3:

If you want to add a extra beautiful touch to your blanket, try this rainbowy border too!  It really brought the blanket together!

Check out the border tutorial here and get the video below too:

That's all for now lovelies!  Love seeing all of your temperature projects each year!!

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