Oh yes my friends it's true.  These vintage buttons are mine, all mine!!!

My 90 years young Nana was "tidying up" her sewing area and was wondering if I might need any buttons?  Um, yes! YES, please!

They're so pretty!  Pretty and shiny!  They smell like Chanel No. 5 and are slightly just adds to their charm.  Love them!!!

These are especially neat, probably my most favorites, I'm already planning projects around them.

Oh and these too...

These look the most old to me and 15 cents!  Wow!

These don't look quite so old but still cute...

And these lovely little numbers too...

My dilemma now is whether to use them or admire them on their cards that they have been attached to for so long...they would look so cool on something but it is so neat seeing them on their cards.

A lucky day fellow stitchers, a lucky day indeed.


  1. I love how enthusiastic you sound :):):) Ohh simple things in life that make us happy! Have you made projects with them already?

  2. I love how enthusiastic you sound :) Oh simple things in life that makes us happy! Have you done any projects with them already?


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