Learning to fly...

My first granny squares!

I recently learned how to crochet and have been tentatively exploring the medium ever since.  I've been making medallions, granny squares and the like...although my blog is a knitting one, I have felt the need to share with you some of my adventures in crochet as well, because I think it has expanded my view about knitting and I am now finding myself approaching my knitting projects with a fresh new perspective.

I just realized I photographed this on the "wrong" side...oh well live and learn I guess.

It has been an interesting journey, this crochet thing...my once confident fingers fumble and feel awkward and I tend to pull things apart more times than not.  All in all it has been a humbling experience, but it is fun and engaging.

One of the most interesting (and satisfying) things I've observed about crochet is how incredibly fast you can work something up, I mean at lightening speed folks...I still love a stockinette expanse of knitted fabric the very most, but things like flowers, medallions, and granny squares are so cheerful, retro and strikingly beautiful.

The beginnings of my first crocheted afghan...

While still wholeheartedly (obsessively) committed to my knitting, my crochet foray has been enlightening and humbling and once again deepens my respect for the needle arts.

Happy knitting (and crocheting) everyone!

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