Yet another addicting website!

In your webby travels, do you come across page after page of imagery that you want to somehow keep in hand for future ideas or projects?

I used to just bookmark everything in my browser...but that became/is now a cluttered mess!  I was just dumping things in, never to see them again, with no rhyme or reason whatsoever...

Along comes Pinterest, and now I am happy and organized (as well as can be expected)...Pinterest is this cool place where you can "pin" things to your "board" to save them for later, view them, etc.  You have multiple boards in as many categories as you want.
Screenshot of a search for "knitting"...pretty cool huh?

I highly recommend you check this out...the only thing is that you have to request an invite (still in Beta), not that bad...I got my acceptance in a few days.  Let me know if you need an invte, I would be happy to do so.

This website is so much fun guys!

Here's the link:


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