How To Embroider A Lazy Daisy

Lazy Daisies (also known as the "detached chain stitch") look so cute on just about everything knit and crochet, adding a little bit of cheer and whimsy. They are easy and very fast to make too, giving you the ability to stitch a garden of them!

First you'll need a needle, you may already have one in your knitting/crocheting tool arsenal for weaving in ends.  If not, you'll want one with a large enough eye to fit yarn through...these can be found in a yarn shop, or the yarn section of a craft store.  If you are making your lazy daisy with embroidery floss on fabric, you'll want to use a tapestry needle in a size 24 or 26 (found near the embroidery floss in the craft store).

To begin, thread your needle with yarn and leave a short tail.  Then bring the needle up from the bottom,

then go back in with the needle (as close as you can from where you first brought it out) and come back up as shown, leaving the needle in place (don't pull through yet),

then wrap the yarn around the needle,

Now pull the needle through...this will form the petal, bring the needle up where the top of the petal is located,

and back down again to tack it down.

There you have it...your first petal!  This stitch also makes nice little leaves too.  Also, as you are working, be sure and not pull to tight, you don't want to distort the knit/crochet "fabric" in which you are working on.  Not too loose either, or it tends to look a little sloppy.

Keep going around in a circle, 

you can make a five petal flower like I'm making here, or make a flower with even more...get creative!

There you have it, the lazy daisy stitch!  These make really nice embellishments for all kinds of garments and household items, and really adds a little flair to you knitting and crochet projects.  Happy embroidering to you!
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  1. Thank you! I've been trying to find out how to do these for aaaages :)

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