How To Embroider Back Stitch

Knowing how to back stitch is a very handy used in embroidery for outlining and adding fine details to imagery. For your knitting and crochet projects it can be just as useful for making simple pictorials, writing a word or name, making flower stems, and whatever else you wish to embellish.

To start all you need is your fabric or crochet/knitted piece, some yarn or embroidery floss, and an appropriately sized needle...I used a tapestry needle (or yarn needle as they are sometimes called) to thread the yarn on the needle with a tail.

For the first stitch, bring the yarn up from underneath,

and then back down...that's the first stitch. Now, bring the yarn back up from underneath as shown below, about the same width away as the first stitch you made.

Now come back down as shown to complete the second stitch...

Continue in this manner until you have made what you wish! I did this little curlicue to show you that you can do both straight and curved lines and the lines can cross too.

Oh, I almost forgot...if you like the little green flower in the pictures, here's how to embroider that too:

How To Embroider A Lazy Daisy

Back stitching is a really fun way to add a name to a special blanket, or a little heart to a cute hat, it is so simple, yet adds so much to something handmade!

Here is a video that you can watch to learn how to embroider back stitch:


  1. Do you just weave in the ends of the embroidery on the wrong side like regular knitting? Or is there another way to fasten off the ends?

    Thank you so much for the large pics! I am anxious to try embroidery for making personalized Christmas stockings instead of knitting the names in like I am doing now!

    1. You're absolutely right... embroidery does leave a lot of ends, doesn't it? I've never tried weaving in the ends like knitting, what a brilliant idea!

      Here's something I like to do though...if the piece will be stuffed like a pillow and the backing wont show, I just leave it as is. However, if they will show on the back (like a scarf for example, I like to back the piece with a piece of fleece...not only does it look finished and professional, but it feels lovely against the skin and makes the piece twice as warm!

      PS the stockings you will be making sound wonderful! Your recipient will be a lucky person indeed! :-)


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