Stripy Bear Hat...

Fresh from the needles, I was feeling a little is a variation on the Baby Bear Hat.  I love this pattern because  it is so fast and easy and the cotton yarn for this particular hat is perfect for warm weather babies!  In case you missed it, here's the pattern:

Baby Bear Newborn or Preemie Hat Pattern

Here are the modifications I made for the striped one:
  • Made the brim in rib instead of rolled, worked k2, p2 for an inch or so.
  • Had some leftover yarn from 2 other bear hats, used Nature's Choice Organic Cotton in "walnut" and "almond" and worked 5 rows of each color.
  • Made the ears a bit smaller by casting on a couple less stitches and closer together so they would sit right in the cream color area of the crown.
I think it turned out really cute, and the mama of the new baby loved it! Stripes are so fun, add interest to your piece and are a fabulous way to use up some extra/leftover yarn in the process.

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