Friday, July 27, 2012

Cheers for the Ravellenic Games 2012!!

Calling all stitchers...the Ravellenic Games begin today!  For those of you who are not familiar with this (extremely) fun and engaging event, the Ravellenic Games (newly renamed) is something Ravelry has created for Ravellers to knit and/or crochet (or spin if that's your thing) alongside the 2012 Summer Olympics being held in London this year.

There is a mass cast on during the Opening Ceremonies and you can join a team and participate in 32 events such as:

Afghan Marathon
Cowl Jump
Sock Put,
Single Skein Sprint to name a few!  Such clever sure to check them all out.

This year I plan on frogging two projects for the "frogging trampoline" event, the beginnings of a sock and a pair of mittens almost completed...I love them both but I have different plans for the sock yarn, and the mittens are just a bit too snug for my sad to frog things, but hey, sometimes things just don't work out!

For the "WIP Wrestling" event...even though I have so, so many unfinished things laying around, I plan on finishing a scarf that I started long ago and matching mittens in a pretty brown tweed.

I'm going to snap some photos of all this later this morning when the sun makes her debut...

Definitely check out the Ravellenic Games, here's the link to the informational page they have set up, loaded with instructions on how to participate, the different events, and lots more:

Ravellenic Games 2012


  1. I'm so confused!! I really want to do this but I'm so lost on the teams, etc. What does it mean red, green & blue. If there is somewhere I can go that explains it in simple terms?

    1. Yes! I was totally confused at first too...every time we have one of these some things are slightly different. They sure do have wonderful and dedicated volunteers that put these things together, don't they?

      I found the best information in the "Ravellenic Games 2012" group in Ravelry and someone has made a wonderful color coded chart(red, green, and blue) to break it all down...just go to the group's main page, then click on the "Ravellenics 2012 Map" thread, then click on the "Events Directory" link, scroll down an bit, and there it is it all its color coded glory!

      As far as teams go, I poked around a bit in the groups I already belong to and checked to see if they have their own teams...they each have their own procedures for joining, my particular team (team hopelessly overcommitted...ha! How appropriate for so many of us, right?) This particular team asks that you send the moderator a PM, but I'm guessing each team may do it their own way.

      I hope that helps...good luck and happy competing!!!!


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