I went yarn shopping (again)

So I was feeling pretty fallish and apparently I don't have enough yarn laying around already...so I got my hands on these...

I have bought Araucania in the past and I am so impressed with the complexity of subtle coloring.  The green is so woodsy looking and the red one looks to me like crunchy leaves.

This pretty little number above is Araucania's Toconao Multy (colorway 407).  It reminds me of trees and moss and all of the wonderful things you might experience on a hike.

This beauty is Araucania's Ranco Multy (colorway 342) and it is so incredibly fallish, it makes me want to go rake up some leaves...well I wouldn't go that far, but definitely has me thinking about some crisp, gorgeously colored leaves!

Happy Wednesday dear stitchers!


  1. I think they are amazing, of course I could look at pictures of yarn all day and be happy.


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