Here we go! (Cross your fingers)

Alright folks don't laugh...I fired up the sewing machine this week.  I literally had to dust it off!  My fingers know what to do when yarn is in them...but sewing?  One would say I have "survival" sewing skills.  I'm pretty nimble when it comes to embroidery, but my machine and I are merely aquantinces.  My goal for the upcoming year is to learn how to make a simple garment or two...perhaps a cute skirt or apron?

It's a good thing my machine is numbered, otherwise threading this thing would be impossible!  Any sewing experts out there?  What is the best way to learn? A class perhaps?


  1. I learned when I was young in 4-H and Home-Ec. When I got a new machine in 1990, it came with a free class that really benefitted me on new tools and methods. Plus I've taken a few quilting project classes. I certainly would reccommend some type of lessons.

  2. Everytime I get my machine out I have to dust it off LOL. I would go with having a lesson or two or perhaps you have a sewing friend that could sit down with you.

  3. I recommend a free class on They have a beginner course on how to do everything including threading your machine. The video is in HD, and you can watch the lessons as many times as you like. You can also ask the instructor questions.

  4. Thanks everyone, really great ideas! After I made this post my really fabulous aunt volunteered to teach I a lucky girl or what?


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