How to crochet scallops around a square

The first time I added a scallop edging to a project and I was nearing the corner of my square, I stopped dead in my does one go about doing the corner?

We will put some scallops around this lovely granny square...I used an H hook for both the square and the edging.

Click Here to Make Your Own Granny Square!

Begin by working a single crochet in each space all the way around the square (shown here in purple),

Let's start our scallops!  Tie on the color you'd like in the corner stitch (shown here in pink),

Chain three,

Now work three more double crochet in the same space,

skip two spaces, work a single crochet in the next space, then work 5 double crochet in the next space,

Continue in this manner until you get to the next corner...

And work 8 double crochet all in the same space.

Keep going around working the sides and corners the same way until you reach your starting point again.

In the same space where you began, work 4 more double crochet so the edge scallop has a total of 8 stitches, just like the other edges.

Join with a slip stitch,

And you're finished!  Weave in any ends.  I just wanted to note here too...if you are working your edging and you're running out of spaces, not to worry!  Just skip one chain (instead of two) in between here and there and everything will work out.  I've done this before and by the time I was finished I couldn't even tell.  Just be sure to scatter the changes here and there so they blend in.

This is great to use not only for granny squares, but for tablecloths, blankets, scarves and anything else where you want a pretty little extra something for your project.

In case you missed it, here are the other scallop tutorials we worked on earlier this week:

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