Thursday, February 28, 2013

Chain Space Basics

Good morning lovelies!  Several people have asked me about crocheting into the chain space (versus the stitch), so I thought this might be helpful.  Often patterns will tell you to crochet into the chain space.  Instead of working into the stitch, or loops created by the previous row's stitches, the chain space is the decorative "hole" or space.

When reading a pattern, the chain space may simply be called the "space" or abbreviated "sp" or "ch sp."  An excellent and simple example of crocheting into the chain space is the granny square.  Let's try by working a double crochet into a chain space...

In the picture below, you can see the chain spaces that I've labeled.  With our white yarn, we'll work a double crochet into the first chain space,

Begin by inserting you hook in to the chain space (the "hole" as labeled above),

And work the double crochet stitch as you normally would...

That's it!  

The photos above and below show the completed stitch within the chain space.  Happy crocheting!

Click here for a Granny Square photo tutorial too!


  1. Great point and very helpful, thanks!

    1. You're welcome! Several people had asked, and I thought it might help.

  2. Wonderful tutorial :-) Thanks! I much prefer crocheting in the chain spaces, especially with bulky yarn.

  3. Thanks for posting. Do you think you can show the chain space in a sample for your Pinot Noir Infinity Scarf? I couldn't find it and my "V" were off.

    1. Absolutely! I did a post yesterday with your comment in mind...I pasted the link to it below:

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