How to Pretty Up a Plain Hook


I recently was getting ready to hang a plain hook on the wall and it just looked so...drab.  I decided to make it a little more interesting and add a yarny touch to it.  This project took just a small amount of time and I love it!

To decorate your hook you'll need:
  • Worsted Weight Yarn
  • J (6.0 mm) Crochet Hook
  • Hook of your choice (I used one of those kind that are removeable because it had a nice large surface to attach the flower and leaf to)
  • Hot glue gun

Begin by crocheting a rose and a leaf:

Weave in all ends of both parts.  Next hot glue the leaf to the hook, then the flower to top it off.  Let it completely cool and dry before hanging.  All done, so pretty!

Here's another flower pattern too if you need something a little flatter, or prefer a daisy/petaled flower:

Tip: When selecting your hook, be sure to note how much weight the hook can handle.  Some can hold a whole lot of weight, while other smaller hooks can only hold a little.

Happy crocheting!

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  1. What a wonderful idea!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. so pretty! love the pink color, will look awesome on the wall..imagine to create a row of such hooks-yumm!

  3. Oh my goodness! This is such a fun and simple idea! Yay! Thank you, Jennifer for sharing! xo :)


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