30 Free Crochet Projects for Your Scrap Yarn!

This time of year I seem to have so much scrap yarn left over from the gift giving season.  I love to go through my yarn, imagining what I will make next from my own yarn "store."  Here are some ideas to get you started, this is quite a diverse collection, there's really something for everyone in here...afghans, scarves, appliques, legwarmers, hats and lots more.  Happy stash-busting lovelies!

Note:  All links and photos used with permission.  Click on the link below each photo to go directly to the free crochet pattern.

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  1. brigitte whittinghamJune 22, 2015 at 11:02 PM

    i love the pincushion best. i might try that for christmaspresent. thanks, brigitte

  2. I love the chili bookmark. Will make a set of red, lite green, yellow, and orange.

  3. I love penguins! I may have to make some of those.

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  5. I LOVE!!! thanks for making this, it'll help my business a lot


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