How To Crochet into the Front Loops and Back Loops Only (flo and blo)

Several of you lovelies have asked for a tutorial on how to work into the front loops only (flo) and back loops only (blo).  Here are two video tutorials (below) that explain each technique in detail.  The result are these pretty ridges that can add a wonderful decorative element to your projects:

You can work into the front or back loops using sc, dc, tr, etc.  Try making a sampler swatch to practice.  Enjoy the videos and happy crocheting!

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How to Crochet into the Front Loops Only (flo):

How To Crochet into the Back Loops Only (blo):

Ready to begin an easy project using your new skills?  Check out these free patterns:


From left to right: Outline Ribbed Scarf, Super Dude Hats, Wise Oak Ribbed Scarf

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