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Here are the latest videos from Fiber Flux! In case you missed them, here's another opportunity to learn something new or help you with a project. Thanks for watching and if you have an idea or suggestion for a new video you haven't seen yet on Fiber Flux, be sure to comment below! There is also a link to each project for the written tutorial, if you'd like to have the written version too.

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First up are granny stripes...colorful and easy too!  This video will walk you through stitch by stitch!

Next up are granny triangles...looking for a new way to work up a granny stitch project?  Try a granny triangle!

Next is the Strawflower Hexagon Scarf, this scarf is not only beautiful, but easy and fast to stitch up too!
(Click here for full written pattern)

The Plum Skies Cowl is a wonderful project for fall...when the air gets chilly, use this pretty drawstring to make it extra cozy!

Looking for unique texture for your tote bag?  Try adding leather handles with this easy as pie tutorial!

(Can't see the video?  Click here)

In the new Yarn 101 series, I will be exploring all of the fabulous yarn out in the marketplace.  In this quick little video, we'll be checking out Red Heart With Love:

For lots of fall crochet projects, check out this Fall Crochet Projects Playlist for lots of ideas too!

Happy crocheting lovelies!

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