12 Weeks of Gifting Series Kickoff!

Welcome to our 12 Weeks of Gifting Series kickoff!  With the holiday season fast approaching, sometimes it's hard to squeeze in the time needed to make handmade gifts for everyone on your list!  No worries, our 12 Weeks of Gifting Series to the rescue!  Let's make this fun, shall we?

Each week from NOW to the end of December, I'll be sharing a new pattern for something that is super easy and super quick to whip up. First project makes its debut TOMORROW! We'll be using the same yarn and same hook size for every single project, just switching up the colors a bit. Many of these projects can be made in just one sitting too!

Here's what you'll need for ALL of the projects (we're keeping it simple!):
  • Red Heart Super Saver Chunky yarn (or if you need to substitute, look for a "5" bulky on the yarn weight scale and a yarn that recommends a 8.0 mm "L" crochet hook) *Yarn amounts will vary from project to project and will be specified on each individual pattern.
  • 8.0 mm "L" crochet hook
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Scissors
  • Ruler/Tape Measure
  • Some of the projects will call for buttons, I will have more details on each of the patterns that require them.

Want to know what we'll be making each week?  We'll have one project debut per week, although which day of the week may vary.  Here's the schedule + as they go live, I'll update with a link too:



I hope you can join us! 

Also, be sure to use #fiberfluxcal to share all of those gorgeous photos on social media too!

Let the gifting begin!

© Jennifer Dickerson 2019

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  1. Dec.23rd is much too LATE to begin a triangle shawl...even if using scraps. A shawl project should be near the first part of the list if making for a holiday gift.

    1. Good point! Just swapped it for one in December, now the last one is a very simple mug cozy! Thanks for your comment!

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  2. This is so wonderful, thank you so much!

  3. Looking forward to this CAL! Thank you for coming up with such great ideas. ��✂️����

  4. Hoe exciting! Thank you so very very much

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  6. I have been making a very large blanket for a very long time. That probably was not the best idea for my first crochet project ever but I am getting through it. I learned how to crochet about 7 years ago and helped my mother with projects but never made anything on my own 5 years ago I decided to make a blanket, well I am still making that blanket. The big difference is I began to watch videos about crochet on YouTube and found you. I have learned so much from your channel. Thanks

  7. Merry Christmas Jennifer.
    I want to try the cream slouch hat but am using some wool ease size 4 yarn (j hook recommended) can I simply adjust the number of base stitches to make a 21" brim? thank you for all the great patterns this season.

  8. Is it complicated to adjust the pattern to use wool ease (size 4/j hook) for the cream slouch hat? I have a bunch to use?

  9. Hi my name is Kim and my question is this, I'm left-handed and would love to make a set of wrist warmers and if follow the pattern will they still come out correctly (for the left hand and the right hand) I greatly would appreciate your feedback on my problem... Thank you kindly

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  11. Your Projects are awesome and easy for beginners, yet beautiful! Thank you.

  12. Do you have any crochet patterns to match the Quick Slouch Hat, the hat is so beautiful.

  13. I can follow your instructions better than anyone else! Thank you for being so clear and making crochet more fun!

  14. Jennifer I am a long time fan of your channel…you have really been posting g so many wonderful projects this season. I have saved out a number of your posts to revisit after the holidays when all the holiday activities wrap up and winter visits my area. You have the best channel…you have taught me so much…thank you and Merry Christmas­čÄä


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