How To Fix A Loose Pom Pom

As winter goes on (and on), many of us have been wearing hats for the past few months and chances are your pom pom might be flopping around a bit!  Not to worry, I have a two minute fix to get your pom pom under control again!

Hat patterns shown in this post:

How to fix a loose pom pom:
  1. Cut a matching piece of yarn as the hat/pom pom about 18 inches long and thread it on a tapestry needle.
  2. Coming up from up inside the hat stitch it tightly creating an "X" to hold the hat in place,
  3. Tie a secure knot to hold it snugly.
  4. Test it before cutting the yarn to be sure there is no movement.  If there is, add another "X" through the hat.
  5. Snip the yarn tail inside the hat and you're ready to wear your non-floppy pom hat!
Happy stitching lovelies!

© Jennifer Dickerson 2021

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