Stay Golden Wrap, Free Crochet Pattern + Video

The Stay Golden Wrap is a lovely wrap with lots of drape crocheted in a very special yarn!  A while back I got a few requests for the Comforts of Home Wrap in a lighter airy version...and here it is!  This is a gorgeous piece for warmer months and looks great over both a casual tee shirt or dressier outfit too!

Want a little help? There's a full video tutorial below too! 

Stay Golden Wrap
By Jennifer Dickerson

Click below to watch a full video tutorial on how to make this project:


Finished Sizing:
  • 38 inches along top edge
  • 53 inches straight down to the bottom point
  • 62 inches down the angled long side of the wrap
*See diagram below to get an idea of the shape:


Ch 7

Row 1: Work a (dc, ch 1, dc) in the 4th ch from the hook.  Then work a (dc, ch 1, dc) in the last ch.

Row 2: Ch 3 and turn.  In the first V of the row (ch 1 space) work (dc, ch 1, dc).  Repeat for each V (ch 1 space) across.  Work a (dc, ch 1, dc) into the turning chain space to finish the row.

Optional: At this point you can place a stitch marker into that last V of the row just worked so you know which side to work your increase on.

Row 3: Ch 3 and turn.  Work a (dc, ch 1, dc) into the first V and in ch V across.  To finish off the row, work a dc into the turning chain space.

Repeat rows 2 and 3 until your wrap is as long and wide as you'd like it to be.  Se sizing information above more more info.

© Jennifer Dickerson 2021

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