2023 Granny Stashdown Challenge

With another year of crocheting behind us, it's time once again for our big annual granny stashdown challenge!  Every year we do a stashdown CAL and make a big fun granny blanket with the odds and ends we've collected and/or accumulated over the course of the past year.

Are you ready to join us on a de-stash adventure?  This year we're going to make an awesome granny square blanket again, as large or as small as you want, using yarn on hand as we go! You can just keep adding rounds until it's big as you like...fun!

Here are some tips to get started! (written instructions for the square are further down and the full video tutorial is below too!):

  • Grab a bin or basket and use it to collect your yarn odds and ends from your collection to get started.  You can always add to it throughout the year as well.
  • I'll be using a P crochet hook and holding multiple strands of yarn in most cases, but you can use any size hook that suits your yarn best.  
  • You can pick a special color palette or use what you have and let the yarn guide you!  The result is always both surprising and so much fun!
  • Any weight you have on hand is fine!  To get the chunky strand we're after, you may have to hold two, three, four (or more) strands together.
  • Last thing, if you plan on machine washing your blanket when it is finished, make sure all of your yarn is machine washable too!

The written instructions are further down in this post, but be sure to check out the video below for the intro to the project + full blanket tutorial:


  • Yarn odds and ends-any kind will work great, anything goes!  We will hold multiple strands together to get a general similar strand of yarn to use throughout)
  • P (10.0 mm) crochet hook
  • Tapestry needle for weaving in ends
  • Scissors


This blanket is a classic granny square.  You can make it as big as you want by simply working more rounds.  Change colors/yarn each time you run out of yarn as you work through your stash!

Chain 4, join into a ring with a slip stitch.

 Round 1: Chain 4, work (3 dc into center of ring, chain 1) 3 times, then 2 dc into center of ring.  Join to close with a slip stitch.

Round 2: To work the corner of round 2, first chain 3, then 2 dc in same space, then chain 1, then 3 dc in the same space...first corner done!
Then chain 1, then work the next corner by working 3 dc in next space, chain 1, then 3 dc in same space, chain 1, repeat two more times to complete the round.

Round 3: Work the corner in the same manner as the previous round: chain 3, 2 dc in same space, chain 1, 3 dc in same space, chain 1.  To work the sides, simply work 3 dc in the next space, then chain 1...repeat until you reach a corner again.

Keep working in this manner, with two clusters in the corners and one cluster on the sides until you finish the round. Just be sure there is a ch 1 in between each grouping of 3 dc as you work each round. That is what gives you those pretty spaces in between each cluster and keeps it nice and flat.

Repeat round 3 as many times as you want to achieve the desired size.  Each round after round three will grow in length along the sides with more stitch clusters in between the corners.  For example, round four will begin with corner, side, side, corner and so on.  Round 5 will be corner, side, side, side, corner and so on.

A note about making solid vs. multicolor rounds:
  • To begin a new round in the same color, simply slip stitch until you reach a ch 1 at the corner and keep going.  
  • To begin a new round in a new/different color, cut yarn, leaving a tail, and fasten it with a slip stitch. Join the new yarn at one of the corners as shown and tie securely.
  • Did your yarn run out in the middle of your round?  Simply tie on the new yarn and keep going, holding the yarns ends as you work the next couple of stitches, which will weave them in as you go...easy peasy!

Be sure to check out our two special communities for our CAL makers! Each has a welcome area/thread, so please hop on and introduce yourself. You can get info, ask questions, help each other, see what everyone is doing, and show off your work too!

Also, don't forget to use the hashtag, #fiberfluxcal to share your work on social media!

*I will give updates throughout the year to show the progress of my blanket.  Please share yours too on social media  and in our Fiber Flux CAL groups (see above!).  Happy de-stashing lovelies!

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  1. I am new to this kind of project. In the video I saw you had bernat blanket yarn. How do you incorporate that yarn with the the worsted weight multi yarn strands?


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