How To Crochet The Loop Stitch! (Photo + Video Tutorial)

The loop stitch is a fun and whimsical stitch that is great for scarves, toys, blankets, and lots more.  There are several ways to do it, I'll show you how I like to do it best.  Below is both a full video tutorial and a complete photo tutorial where I walk you through every step of the way!

Once you've mastered this stitch, try this cute loop stitch scarf!  This is a free crochet pattern that includes a full video tutorial too:

Here's the full loop stitch video tutorial below:

For this tutorial I'm using a H hook and some worsted weight yarn.  However, you can try any weight you like just look for the recommended hook size on the yarn label.

To begin, you won't need a special number of stitch multiples, you can put the loop anywhere you like!

Once you get to the stitch your want to work your loop into,

Next hold your yarn in upwards loop with your index finger,

Hook your thumb into the loop and pull downwards over the front of your work.  The farther down you pull the loop, the bigger your loop will be.

With your thumb still in the loop, insert the hook into the stitch (make sure the loop part is to the right of your work when you insert the hook),

and bring up a loop.

Wrap yarn around the hook and bring it through both loops.

Last, carefully remove your thumb from the loop...done!

Repeat across or as many loops as you need.  

As you pull your thumb down to create each loop while working, try to always hold your thumb down with the loop in a kind of an invisible straight line across (you can use previous rows as a guide).  This will make your loops look more uniform.  Happy crocheting!

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